What is HWM?

Hot Wing Monthly is a monthly hot sauce subscription focused on great, high quality sauces that are perfect for wing night. Each month you'll receive at least 3 bottles of hot sauce to help make wing night epic. 

I have a question. How do I reach you?

Send us a message on our Facebook page or reply to any of our emails. We're happy to help!

Why is HWM $29 a month?

HWM is not a cheap subscription. Each month we bring your the highest quality sauces perfect for wings. You can't get these sauces shipped to you for less than our cost. 

Can I specify what I want each month?

Part of the fun of HWM is being surprised and trying new things. We don't allow customization at this time. We vary flavors and heats as we curate a perfect wing night sauce. 

When does my subscription renew?

We renew each month on the 15th. 

When does my order ship?

We ship the first week of the month. 

Can I submit my sauce to be included?

Sure. Send us a message. 

Do you have a privacy policy?

We do. You can find it here.